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Dear All:

On my first use, I set up a sample project (.pd2 and .inp files

On re-opening file, I get a vtk output window with the ff:
ERROR: In E:\vtk2.3\Nightly\vtk\common\vtkPolygon.cxx, line 1172
vtkPolygon (0x11004B10): Possible triangulation failure

Then later on I get a window on BDL Errors on line 350.

Also: Site Parameters : Input must
include one space command
HVAC System : Input must
include one system command
Thermal Zone : Input must
include one zone command

What do these means and how do I fix?

Thanks, Andrew

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This is blank project. There is no space, airside system, zone, schedule,
or plant data. At what point did you exit the eQuest wizard? Try starting
from the Wizard again.

Steven Savich

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