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Every time I open my project I get a window open up titled
vtkOutputWindow. It gives me the following error message:
ERROR: In E:\vtk2.3\Nightly\vtk\common\vtkPolygon.cxx, line 1172
vtkPolygon (0x1478D268): Possible triangulation failure

There don't appear to be any BDL errors, and the model seems to be
running ok as far as I can tell. Its puzzling because I don't have an E:
drive on my computer. Any clues? Has this happened o anyone else?

Vikram Sami, LEED AP

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Hi Vikram,

I experienced this error some time ago and I received a response from
Scott Criswell as shown below:

These error messages are posted by the mechanism which manages the 3-D
building display.  Often times these errors are an indication of very

minor issues with your building's geometry, but there have been a few
times when we could find no errors in the geometry on models that still
reported VTK error messages.

Our recommendation is to re-check your model's geometry (as it sounds
you have already done) and if the VTK errors persist then simply ignore
them.  They have no effect on the operation of the DOE-2 input (BDL)
and simulation modules or the output simulation results.<

Gaurav Mehta, LEEDR AP

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Look at your polygons. Verify that polygon lines to not cross (like a figure "8"), share a common vertex (like a "P"), or have two vertices on top of each other (for example have you moved a vertex of 4-sided square so that it appears like a triangle).

Brett Fero, P.E., LEED AP

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