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eQuest Users Group,
The following is an error message we get on a particular project file that only pops up on the 1st energy sim run, not subsequent runs. The error also does Not pop up when the program builds the input files and you have the option to "pause on errors". The errors are:

ERROR: In E:\vtk2.3\Nightly\vtk\common\vtkPolyLine.cxx, line 208
vtkPolyLine (0x316A6400): normal and sPrev coincident

ERROR: In E:\vtk2.3\Nightly\vtk\graphics\vtkTubeFilter.cxx, line 190
vtkTubeFilter (0x316B6D00): No normals for line!

Does anyone have any guidance on resolving the error? The attached jpeg is how the error message pops up.

John J. Shaw Jr.

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Hi John,

I am also experiencing this same error on one of my model files. I cannot
trace the origin of the error however because I was not the original
"builder" of this model, but I have been able to ignore it and click through
my sims without crashing the program or sim calcs.

My guess is that in the model file I had received and am working on there
are a number of exterior shading devices that have been input (i.e. fixed
shades, building shades). It's also a pretty impressive (detailed) model
from the 3-D viewer perspective, so I know that the error I'm seeing in my
model (like yours) is related to the 3-D graphic interface issues, and it is
not directly translating into DOE2 calc issues. The sim results from my
model are also seemingly okay and unaffected based on the results reviews I
have performed with my Mech Eng and other design team members (and 3rd party
data as well.)

Sorry I can't give a definitive answer for you, but at least know that you
are not the only one, and by my experience this type of error seems to
reside in the graphic interface that eQuest uses and has not yet deemed
detrimental in my energy model.

Also, have you noticed that in your model zones it looks (from your image)
that you are missing a zone in the top part of your building image? There
is a square zone with little dots in it that is shaded different from your
zones...or maybe its just the shading on my computer screen...


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