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I have two small issues with an equest model I built. The first is I
get an error window whenever I open the project. A window pops up
called "vtkOutputWindow" that has the error "ERROR: In
E:\vtk2.3\Nightly\vtk\common\vtkPolygon.cxx, line 1172

vtkPolygon (0x10EF6760): Possible triangulation failure" I have looked
at line 1172 in the .sim file but found nothing wrong.

The second issue is with an attached CAD file. I can seem to detach it.
Now the file won't load so the program is constantly asking me if I'd
like to find the file. I just want the file gone, but can't figure out
a way to do that.

Thanks for your help,

Billy Jennings

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I believe the e:=vtk2.3\..... error is resulting from lines of a defined
polygon crossing. Verify this by first looking in the polygon view to
visually see crossing or overlaps lines of the polygons. If the overlap is
very small, you may not see it. I would then take a look at the first and
last vertex points. Make sure they are not the same. Good luck.

Brett Fero, P.E., LEED AP

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When you see a line referred to in an error message it's usually from
the .BDL file so look in it. See below for getting rid of the CAD message:

Open the project PD2 file in a text editor, find the line where the DWG
file is named, and delete it. Don't delete any other lines!!!


CADFile "06129_Zoning_Plans - DWG"
FileName = "06129_Zoning_Plans.dwg"
FilePathOffset = 0
ScaleUnits = 0
ScaleValue = 1
OriginX = -17923
OriginY = -0.49998
Azimuth = 0

Delete the entire line beginning with 'FileName' (listed in red)
containing the name of the drawing.


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