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I have looked thorough all the manuals I have and I cannot seem to
locate the place where a brief description might be.

"ERROR:In E:\vtk2.3\Nightly\vtk\common\vtkPolygon.cxx, line 1172
vtkPolygon (0x191D2150): Possible triangulation failure"

and this line repeats five times with different Hexadecimal addresses.
I think that it has something to do with the fact that I an trying to
force eQuest to accept a pitch roof with a flat roof next to it. The
last question is; do I really care?

Thanks for all of your help.

Best regards,

Tracy A. Black, P.E.; LEED AP

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Hi Tracy,

I know I have read about this ERROR message before so look in the archives.
I just Googled Pitched Roofs in eQUEST and got: and
And there's more.

Good luck,


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Yes, it's related to pitched roofs. No, you don't care. See attached



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Yes, I've even seen this error get stuck with my model file even when I
toggled the pitched roof on and off since I didn't need it anyway (I was
just playing around with the things in eQuest).

I've found that its an error associated with the 3-D graphic viewer and
doesn't harm eQuest or your model file at all.
I second Bill, ignore it; and don't care about it.

However, it's good to be mindful of this little quirk because when I
received a model file with this error in it for the first time, it threw me
off for awhile and I wasted a bunch of time researching it to learn that I
didn't care about it. :)


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