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Hello All,

I was looking at the simulation output (SS-A System Loads Summary for)
and have been finding some "realistically" unreasonable results for peak

I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a way for eQuest to print
out exactly how it came to these peak loads, so I can troubleshoot where
in the input my problem may be?

I am most interested in finding my ventilation loads!

Thank you for any help,

Patrick Darby

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The best way to troubleshoot is by running hourly reports. You can run
reports on global, system, and zone variables. That will give you an hour by
hour picture of what is going on.

Joshua D. Wolfe, EIT

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However, there is not a straight tracking of ventilation loads into
eQuest, so you'll have to manipullate the results (anual, monthly or
hourly) to estimate the ventilation contribution...

*Xavier Garc?a Casals*

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Check the SV-A report for your system and zone outside air design loads.

Bill Talbert, PE, LEED? AP

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