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I am trying to figure out where I can find the maximum total cooling
load including the outside load. From the DOE 2.2 files, I have found
LS-D BUILDING MONTHLY LOAD SUMMARY. This gives me the maximum cooling
load (sensible) but does not include the load to cool the OSA air. From
reading the manuals, I assumed if I add up the maximum cooling load from
reports SS-A for each Air Handling Unit I should be in the right ball
park. Or, if I find the maximum load under the Hourly Report "Total
Cooling load to be met by Plant."

My only problem is that these two approaches have very low unrealistic
values if they do indeed include the OSA load. Please let me know what
I am missing/ not understanding

Patrick Wilkinson, B.Sc. ENG, LEED(r) AP

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After running your simulation, go back into the input mode, click the
Air-Side HVAC button, then click the Summary tab. You'll see a summary
of the HVAC systems and their zones, including design flows, OA and
capacity (as well as hours outside throttling range). If the Component
Tree tab is selected at the bottom left, you can select systems
individually or select the Project title to see all systems in one

Mark Nieman, PE, CEM

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