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Hi All,

I am looking at the simulation output reports, specifically at the SS-A: System Loads Summary and SV-A System Design Parameters. The peak heating and cooling loads are shown in the SS-A report and the system capacities are shown in the SV-A report. The SV-A report shows the heating capacity being equal to the cooling capacity which does not match the SS-A report and does not seems right. Any ideas about this? I am looking at PVVT systems.


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This might help explain things:

SV-A - System Design Parameters
This report is based on your inputs to the program for the selected Systems
(in your case PVVT.)

Cooling Capacity & Heating Capacity values reported is either the value that
you entered for your inputs at the system level, or it is computed by the
SYSTEMS program from the peak cooling load. (Peak = Sens + Lat) If the
capacity is input at the zone level then the value reported at the system
level (top of report) will be zero.

SS-A - System Monthly *Loads* Summary
The loads shown in this report are the *sum* of zone-level loads and the
central air-handling-unit loads. Zone level loads are not shown in this
report. This report is good for comparing monthly heating and cooling *needs
*of the HVAC system (needs is the key word here, because it what the 'rooms
are calling for' to the system to provide.) The DX cooling loads for your
PVVT system are reported in this report but these loads do not get passed on
to the PLANT program.

To answer your question you cannot compare the two reports to be equal,
because one reports capacity values and the other (SS-A) reports load
values. Capacity and loads are two different things. The two reports you
are looking at should be used in support of each other for verification of
your model, not in comparison to each other. As far as your issue with the
heating and cooling capacity being reported equal to each other in SV-A
report, this is probably based on what you input for your equipment

if you have more questions feel free to contact me.


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