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Dear All

Is it possible to know Relative Humidity in unconditioned zone of eQUEST ?

With Thanks and Regards,
Praveen K. Jain

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Dear all,
New user here working on modeling VAV pneumatic to DDC conversion for energy savings. Looking to model chilled water reset, hot water reset, pressure reset, increased VAV response, and energy savings from compressor. Looks like model must be done in Design Development Wizard.

Any advice?

Vince Priolo

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I have developed many projects that include the conversion from pneumatic to
electronic actuated valves and dampers.

I investigate the existing pneumatic control system to document valve and damper
overlap and other calibration errors and develop an Excel spreadsheet to
calculate the savings. I often used Hobo dataloggers to track the existing
temperature and reset errors.

An important consideration is if the existing system employs discharge air
temperature reset and if this reset is based on OA or high-low space
temperature. The more complex pneumatic systems of yesteryear can do either as
well as static pressure reset and even comparative OA-RA enthalpy.

A DDC system might not save much energy if replacing a well maintained and
calibrated pneumatic control system. In addition, if the DDC programmer does
not calibrate the PID loops correctly, the DDC system might actually use more

Commissioning helps identify and correct this problem.

I don't think that I would try to calculate these savings using eQuest. Excel
is a better tool for this function.

Good luck,

Paul Diglio

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