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Dear all

As per ASHRAE 90.1 HVAC System 7 is Packged rooftop VAV with Reheat and
cooling type is Chilled water.
How can we model above HVAC System in eQUEST.
If I choose Cooling source as Chilled water coils than it donot show
any Packaged system in System Type drop-down.
With Thanks and Regards,
Praveen K. Jain

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use VAV type system. Typically packaged is for DX units. i am doing the
same thing in a model right now as well.

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Praveen, System Type 7 is actually VAV w/reheat, chillled water

The "packaged" that is printed in front of it is a "typo" in the
Standard. You should use the non-packaged option for your baseline model.


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Is there a chart somewhere that explains which system is what in the baseline? i.e. ASHRAE 90.1 System 1 = eQuest System "Var Air Vol", etc etc etc?

William Mak, LEED Green Associate

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ASHRAE 90.1 Table G3.1.1A and 1B.

Paul Diglio

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