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Dear All

In one of my project, chillers are in my project boundary and supplying
chilled water outside the project boundary also.
Since thermal energy transport across LEED project boundary, have to choose
District Energy System option for simulation.
I have chosen option I as project would not achieve more than three points,
I want to know that* is there any minimum efficiency requirement for
chillers for this case?*

As per option I, only chilled water meter is required and there is no need
of modelling actual chillers and also efficiency of chillers will not alter
savings in project as uniform rate is used in both base and proposed case.

With Thanks and Regards,
Praveen K. Jain

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The Treatment of District or Campus Thermal Energy in LEED V2 document
has an exception for defining downstream equipment for cases like yours
where the LEED project building houses the DES (p. 7 of 29). The
chillers and other CHW equipment are considered "downstream equipment"
for several of the EA prereqs and credits. The actual project chillers
will need to comply with the mandatory measures of ASHRAE 90.1, which
includes minimum chiller efficiency per 6.4.1.



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