Impact of Cooling Tower EEM on Space Cooling load

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Hello everyone!
I have modeled water cooled packaged DX systems that are connected to a
cooling tower having a single-speed fan and pump. When I change the
single-speed fan and pump with variable speed drives as an EEM, the results
show a reduction in "Pumps & Aux." load as well as "Space Cooling" load. In
fact, sometimes the reduction in space cooling load seems to be greater
than "Pumps & Aux." load itself. Can anybody decipher what is the relation
of VSDs pump and fan of cooling tower with space cooling load?


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When you say loads, do you mean the end-use energy breakdown totals? (Loads = heat/cooling gains in the spaces ? VFDs should not be affecting heating or cooling loads.)

If the change to the tower fan motors allows a different control of the condenser water temperature to be colder water then the compressor energy of the individual heat pumps would go down.


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