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Hello Everyone,

In preparing a baseline simulation, I have noticed the "Pump & Auxiliary" energy is higher than anticipated. The only circulation loops included in the building are HW and DHW. DHW does not include a pump. Heating is provided using gas boilers and HW coils throughout the building. The 6.65 kW HW pump is controlled using a VFD. The hourly reports for "Pump & Aux." energy indicate a non HW Pump load that I cannot account for. The load does appear to modulate with the heating load. I have included a graph of the hourly reports for "Pump & Auxiliary" and HW pump electricity use below.

Does anyone know what equipment would be included for "Pumps & Auxiliary" energy use, in addition to the HW pump?

[cid:image003.png at 01CCC60D.B214E4D0]


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