Hot Water Loop Zero Design Flow

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I have asked this question before and the answers provided by the group haven't helped me solve the problem.

I am attaching the model . Can someone please take a look at this model file and let me know what I might be missing with the zero design flow.


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Hi Mike,

I just have a quick look at your equest file and made a test run. The reason that results a zero design flow I found that your zone baseboard has been deactivated because the capacity input is left blank. Two ways to fix that, one the simple way is go back to wizard mode, turn on the baseboard and equest will auto-size them for you. The second, if you don't have so many basedboards in the system, you probably just need to specify the heating capacity manually in the detailed design mode. Note that put the negative sign before the baseboard capacity input.

I hope that helps.

Larry Lijun Yang, P.Eng.

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