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April 2021 Newsletter

*Ask a Modeler: How Can Energy Modeling be Made More Scalable and More
Manageable for Retrofit Projects?*

This month Zoltan Nagy, Assistant Professor at The University of Texas at
Austin, replies: *"Dear Big Apple, First off, let me start by saying that I
think that LL97 is a step in the right direction, as buildings are
responsible for 30-40% of the greenhouse gas emissions mainly due to the
energy needed for heating and cooling..."*

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*CalBEM's Free Ecosizer Tool is Now Live and Available for General Use*

The Ecosizer is a free educational tool for sizing central water heating
systems with heat pump water heaters (HPWHs) in multifamily buildings. The
tool is designed to support the building industry adoption of HPWHs to
improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Click the
link below to learn more, and to try.

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*Sponsored Content from Cove.Tool: Reducing Embodied Carbon in the
Early-Design Phase*

Under the Architecture 2030 Challenge
, many
designers and builders are focusing on constructing high-performance or
net-zero-energy (NZE) building projects, helping to reduce as much
operational carbon as possible while the building is in use. However,
embodied carbon (EC) must also be evaluated to effectively achieve these
sustainability goals.

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Upcoming Events

*April 28: Optimizing Hospitals for Energy, Carbon, Daylight, and Cost*

This presentation, featuring Patrick Pease from Cove.Tool, will explore the
challenges and opportunities to optimize hospital projects. Shifting energy
codes are challenging engineers and architects with a wide array of
parameters to balance like energy, cost, daylight, views, and embodied

Learn More.

*April 29: Quantifying the Unknown: Non-Destructive Tools for Existing
Buildings - IBPSA-USA Research Committee*

This presentation shows the power of thermography and transient heat
transfer modeling to non-intrusively characterize the thermal properties of
a building's envelope to inform energy modeling, facade design, and project
appraisal. Featuring Tyler Pilet from PNNL, and Yasser El Masri from
Georgia Tech.

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*May 27: Using Agile to Run Your Performance Analysis Team more
Effectively, Lessons from Software Design - IBPSA-USA Research Committee*

Software engineering has a lot in common with building design. A diverse,
technical team of individuals work independently on a series of tasks that
are intended to lead to an integrated product. This presentation,
featuring Andrew Corney from Trimble - SketchUp, explores techniques used
at the micro-level in software which could potentially dramatically improve
the effectiveness of engineering teams in building services.

Learn More.

Other Events:

*April 28: BSUG April Webinar - Revit's Insight Update*

In this Building Simulation Users Group presentation, you?ll get an
overview of tools from Autodesk that provide architects and engineers with
a solution for more integrated modeling, design and analysis.

Learn More.

Committees and Working Groups
We encourage all members to participate in our BEM Community. Our wide
array of Committees offer members the opportunity to participate in
important work, meeting new friends and feel great about moving our
industry forward. All committee meetings are open and we encourage everyone
to drop in anytime.

*See our meeting calendar for all upcoming meeting dates and times.*

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- Education

- Communications

- Finance and Development

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How Denver's Buildings Achieve Climate Action - IBPSA-USA Denver Chapter

IBPSA-USA Wisconsin Chapter Event: Passive House Alliance ? Wisconsin

IBPSA-USA ? Know More and Get Involved! Committee Recruitment Party

Re-thinking Daylight Metrics - IBPSA-USA Research Committee

NZE Policy and Simulation - IBPSA-USA Boston Chapter

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listings on our job board, and sign-up to post your own:

Technical Consultant - Energy Modeling, Codes & Standards at Resource

HVAC Modeling Team Leader at Integrated Environmental Solutions

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