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April 2020 Newsletter
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*Ask a Modeler: What Questions Do You Ask When Doing Sanity Checks on a

This month, David Eldridge from Grumman/Butkus Associates replies to the
query above from the community: *"Dear Sanity, Where did you go? Sanity
seems to be out the window these days. But if you feel like you are losing
it while working from home, at least your modeling results don?t have to be
a contributor..."*

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*Building Simulation 2019 Proceedings Available Online*

The proceedings for Building Simulation 2019, the 16th Conference of IBPSA,
have now been published on the IBPSA website. Click the link below to view
and download materials on a variety of building sim topics.

Access the proceedings.

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IBPSA-USA Education On Demand
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Below are just a few of the jobs available now. Browse current open
listings on our job board, and sign-up to post your own:

Energy Analyst at Architectural Nexus in Salt Lake City, UT

Part Time Building Energy Modeler/Programmer at GARD Analytics

(Senior) Building Performance Analyst at Zero Envy

Upcoming Trainings & Events

*April 23: Free Webinar - Design and Modeling of Ground Source Heat Pump

In this webinar, Brendan Hall of CHA Consulting, and Mattie DeDoes of
Karpinski Engineering, will share their experience designing and modeling
ground source heat pumps for optimal performance--using two case studies.

Learn More.

*April 23: Wisconsin Chapter Webinar - Infectious Disease Transmission,
Prevention, and Implications*

Please join the the Wisconsin Chapter for their online quarter 2 event, as
our technical association will take on the current event of COVID-19 (Novel
Coronavirus) as it relates to transmission, prevention, HVAC design, and
building performance. Two experts in the industry have been invited to
discuss the topic.

Learn More.

*April 30: Keeping Up with the Trend - Energy Modeling for Every Project,
Research Committee Webinar*

Energy modeling is often only associated with new construction projects
with high sustainability aspirations. This presentation, featuring AEI's
Megan Gunther, will use case studies to explore how energy modeling can
bring value to a variety of different project types, regardless of scale.

Learn More.

*May 20: Green Teams - The Missing Link in Climate Action, Denver Chapter

In this presentation and discussion, let's talk about how developing a
Green Team can help build a culture that can make real change work and
persist, long after your work as an energy modeler is done. And get tips
for starting your own team at work, in your neighborhood, school or faith

Learn More.

*July 9-10: San Francisco Bay Area Chapter Building Simulation Conference*

The SFBA Chapter of IBPSA-USA will host its first ever Building Simulation
Conference at the Pacific Energy Center in San Francisco, CA. The focus of
the conference will be the latest trends in the building simulation
industry affecting the state of California, including decarbonization,
resiliency, and electrification

Learn More.

*Aug. 12-14: Building Performance Analysis Conference & SimBuild*

ASHRAE and IBPSA-USA will jointly host the annual Building Performance
Analysis Conference & SimBuild for 2020 in Chicago. The focus of the
conference will be to improve the decision making process through the
application of simulation and modeling over the entire building life cycle.

Learn More.

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