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October 2020 Newsletter
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*Announcing the Winners of the 2020 IBPSA-USA Awards!*


Every two years, IBPSA-USA recognizes leaders in our field with awards
presented at the SimBuild conference. The winners of the 2020 IBPSA-USA
Awards were announced October 1st during the closing ceremony for the 2020
Building Performance Analysis Simbuild Virtual Conference. Click the link
below to learn more about the winners in each of the four award categories.

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*Ask a Modeler: Are There Strategies to Save Cost and Energy by Changing
the way HVAC Load is Calculated?*

This month Volkan Doda, Associate Environmental Designer at Atelier Ten,
replies: *"Dear Right Size, Rejoice, as gone are the days of boasting about
the biggest kit in town. Now is the time of the kit that is just the right
size to do the right job right. It?s obvious: good engineering strives for
a working solution with ever higher efficiency by designing out waste..."*

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*Sponsored Content: Simulating Ventilation Strategies to ReduceRisks of
Indoor Infectious DiseaseTransmission*

This article highlights some of the most common ventilation system
strategies being simulated by practitioners in 2020 as a reaction to the
virus responsible for the COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic.

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Upcoming Events & Training

*Oct. 22: Diodes and the Death of Daylighting as an ECM - IBPSA-USA
Research Committee*

Using sophisticated energy and daylight modeling, the presentation will
expose the truth about the energy impacts of typical daylighting
strategies. It will cover windows, clerestories, skylights and other
daylighting devices. Extending the analysis further, the presentation will
examine the potential return on investment for these same design approaches
for a variety of non-residential building types.

Learn More.

*Oct. 27: IBPSA-USA Boston Chapter October 2020 Meeting - BPAC/SimBuild
2020 Recap*

This event is a recap of the BPAC/SimBuild 2020 conference in the format of
lightning round: about 5 minutes per presenter. Topics could include papers
presented, a session overview, or highlights of interesting works.

Learn More.

*Oct. 29: Portfolio Energy Optimization: A Simulation-Based, Scalable
Approach to Evaluating Zero Carbon Commercial Building Retrofits -
IBPSA-USA Denver Chapter*

RMI?s Portfolio Energy Optimization (PEO) initiative aims to address the
issue of cost in retrofitting existing buildings in a disruptive and
scalable way. The first half of this presentation will focus on the overall
framework of the PEO tool, and the second half will go over a case study
where 162 buildings were analyzed using PEO?s framework.

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*Nov. 5: Municipal Scale Energy and Carbon Reduction Strategy Modeling
- IBPSA-USA Education Committee*

This seminar shows the approach and methodologies the specialist GIL Team
has developed and used over the past 15 years for integrated energy master
planning (IEMP) to support more than 20 municipal and campus projects.

Learn More.

*Nov. 12-13: Performance Huddle 2020*

The Performance Huddle 2020 symposium is happening virtually this year!
Organized by the IBPSA Houston Chapter and already in its fourth year, the
Performance Huddle 2020 is the premier symposium on building performance
and sustainability in the Gulf Coast. It will take place on November 12th
and 13th.

Learn More.

*Nov. 17-18: CalBEM is Seeking Stakeholders from the California Design
World! *

Throughout the year CalBEM stakeholder
representatives collaborate on systemic solutions that advance California?s
climate action goals via building energy modeling (BEM). Join us for two
digital half-day gatherings (November 17th and November 18th) filled with
updates on the ever-changing BEM ecosystem and opportunities to have your
voice heard on topics of BEM education, workflow, and software capabilities.

Learn More.

*Dec. 8: Performance-based Compliance for Submittal Reviewers*

DOE/PNNL/Karpman Consulting has developed the compliance form to support
ASHRAE 90.1-2016 and 2019 Energy Cost Budget and Appendix G. This 2-hour
training is targeted toward building officials, beyond code program
administrators, and others who are tasked with approval of energy modeling
submittals for performance based compliance.

Learn More.

IBPSA-USA Education On Demand
New Videos Added

IBPSA-USA Education Comm.: Indoor Air Quality Simulation Software and
Application to Aerosol Transport

IBPSA-USA Boston Chapter: Embodied Carbon and LCA

IBPSA-USA Research Committee: Machine Learning for Daylighting - Predicting
Long-term Luminance Maps Using Deep Neural Networks

Below are just a few of the jobs available now. Browse current open
listings on our job board, and sign-up to post your own:

Energy Analyst at RUSHING in Seattle

Energy Modeler at Alliantgroup in Houston

Passive House/Senior Building Systems Engineer at Steven Winter Associates
in Boston

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