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March 2021 Newsletter

*IBPSA-USA ? Know More and Get Involved!*

The Committee Members Recruitment party is a fun interactive event where
you can learn more about the *diverse committees of IBPSA-USA*
. This is a great
opportunity for members to become leaders within the IBPSA-USA community. *Join
us March 23rd*.

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*Sponsored Content: High-Performance in Healthcare ? from ASHRAE209 to

*TLC Engineering Solutions* used ASHRAE Standard 209 for ?Energy Simulation
Aided Design? on a 1M ft2 Healthcare facility to optimize fa?ade design and
align air flow rates with ASHRAE 170 in this architecture-integrated
Building Energy Modeling (BEM) case study. See how they were able to save
energy, water and cost.

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Upcoming Events

*Mar. 24: IBPSA-USA Wisconsin Chapter Event: Passive House Alliance ?

The goal of this presentation is to introduce the audience to the passive
building concept, standards, principles, benefits, and discuss commonly
used design tools in the industry.

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*Mar. 25: Re-thinking Daylight Metrics - IBPSA-USA Research Committee*

As daylight availability seeks even distribution of daylight over time for
the whole space, it is still confusing what metrics should be used for
daylight availability or what threshold should be adopted for a specific
daylight metric. This study tests a new hypothesis for daylight metric and
offers a new statistical model to calculate daylight availability which
presents an even distribution of daylight.

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Other Events:

*Mar. 24: How High Can You Go?: Simulation Study on High-Temperature
Cooling for Radiant Systems*

In this Building Simulation Users Group presentation, we will go over a
simulation study where we investigated the potential of eliminating the
refrigeration cycle from the primary cooling system design in various US
climates. We created single zone EnergyPlus models that use a high thermal
mass radiant system (HTMR) as the primary cooling system and meet the
climate zones? energy code requirements.

Learn More.

Committees and Working Groups
We encourage all members to participate in our BEM Community. Our wide
array of Committees offer members the opportunity to participate in
important work, meeting new friends and feel great about moving our
industry forward. All committee meetings are open and we encourage everyone
to drop in anytime.

*See our meeting calendar for all upcoming meeting dates and times.*

- Research
- Education

- Communications

- Finance and Development

- Building Data Exchange

- Chapters

IBPSA-USA Education on Demand
New Videos Added

Full Building Energy Modeling in Grasshopper and Honeybee - IBPSA-USA
Boston Chapter

A Room with a View: Simulating Daylight and Outdoor Space in Multi-Unit
Residential Buildings with Balconies - IBPSA-USA Research Committee

Below are just a few of the jobs available now. Browse current open
listings on our job board, and sign-up to post your own:

HVAC Modeling Team Leader at Integrated Environmental Solutions

Job openings at Berkeley Lab in Modelica-based Tool Development & in MPC
for Building Energy Systems

Building Codes Fellow at Energy Solutions

Thank you to our sponsors for their continued support!
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