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I wanted to get some referrals as to what software is regularly used for data center equipment modeling (mainly products that can model the below cases)??

In addition, if anyone that is fluent in eQuest to help me distinguish what the software can or cannot do for the following:

1. Air-cooled chillers with integrated dry-cooler economizers? Can the modeling tools simulate the combined pressure drop of these coils in series as well as the operation?
2. Air-to-air heat exchanger indirect airside economizers?
3. Can a data center IT load be varied easily?
4. How are combination systems modeled - IT liquid cooling in the row or on the cabinet, along with macro HVAC systems?
5. How are combined DX/glycol CRAC units w/ dry coolers (waterside economizer) modeled?
6. Can the tools accurately model CRAC units given different sensible heat ratio, energy efficiency ratios, etc.?
7. Adiabatic dry-coolers?
8. Datacom heat recovery used for other use - i.e. heat recovery from small Datacom facility used for office space heating, etc.?
9. All non-integrated modes of economizer operation on the above strategies?
10. Effects of aisle containment systems?
11. Evaporative humidification?
12. In-row, above row, in-cabinet, rear door heat exchangers? Rear door heat exchangers with and w/o fans?
13. Natural source economizers - lake, river, aquifer, and ground sources with integrated chiller or DX operation?

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Hi Michelle,

I've modelled many of these options for data centers in equest.
Conceptually, the simplest way to deal with it is to model the CRAC units
and servers process load as a separate zone within a larger conditioned
server room zone. This gives you two separate systems to work with in the
server room, and you'll need an office space zone to receive the heat
recovery. See the OA-FROM-SYSTEM keyword. You'll need a spreadsheet to
work out schedules for the server load vs time and how much load the CRAC
units are seeing vs the server room main air supply unit.

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