How to Model Data Centers in eQUEST

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Hello All,

I'm wondering what kind of success people have had with modeling data centers in eQUEST, specifically for evaluating retrofit measures like hot aisle containment, DAT reset, increased cold/hot aisle temperatures, etc. How did you set up the zoning for the data center? What system types were used to model CRACs or in-row coolers? What kind of adjustments were made to accommodate having both overhead diffusers and CRACs?

I'm considering an approach of creating a separate zone for each hot/cold aisle and then adjusting the U-value for the walls between them to simulate improved containment. Sound like a plausible strategy or is it overcomplicating the issue?

Any feedback is much appreciated.

Thank you,

Joe Bliss

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OK - here's an idea from far left field (or is it right field?).

Essentially with the hot/cold aisle what you have is the equivalent of heat being transferred into your return air stream or plenum. Currently I don't think there is a way to parse this out with equipment loads in eQUEST. You can do this with lighting loads though. How about if you modeled a second lighting load with a separate meter and schedule and assigned a portion of the heat gain to the return air stream?

Vikram Sami

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