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I am so sorry to lose Lynn as a mentor, inspiration and friend, and she
was all those things. Always approachable, she never made you feel like
you were wasting her time. I remember a few phone calls to her when she
was probably hugely busy but took the time to answer my questions. The
last question I asked her that day was "Gosh Lynn, you have so many
letters after your name - PE, BEMP. etc., how does that make you feel?".
I was thinking she'd say proud but she laughed a bit and said, "kinda
foolish, actually."

For me, having worked in this industry longer than I'm going to admit,
it was really, really exciting to finally have a woman president of
ASHRAE. I remember going to meetings when I first joined that maybe had
a dozen women at them. It was especially nice that she was so competent
and forward thinking, too. I will miss her!

I am going to send this to a couple of other mailings lists and if
others want to share their memories of Lynn with us, as well as the
family, I would love to read them. If not that's okay, too.


Carol Gardner PE

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If you have the time for a 4.2 MB download from the IBPSA web site, read the
6-page long interview that Veronica Soebarto (the IBPSA News Editor) had
with Lynn Bellenger. It's in the November 2010 issue of the News and
reveals the willingness of Lynn to share her experiences and insights with

This issue is located at:

So sad to see her depart!

Larry O. Degelman, P.E., HBDP, BEMP

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