In memoriam: Lynn G. Bellenger, PE, LEED AP, FASHRAE

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Lynn was my mentor and it was a privilege to work for her and learn from her. Powerful and assertive, yet humble and kind, she was a strong advocate for the role that energy modeling can play in sustainable building design. Becoming ASHRAE President was a tremendous source of pride for her. Her presidential theme was "Modeling a Sustainable World". "We are Building on the Shoulders of Giants. Today, we are called to become the giants of our industry, to set the example of innovation and dedication that future generations will remember when they look back on the time when buildings ceased being net consumers of energy and became net zero energy, and even producers of energy. People need heroes; we admire excellence; we respect courage; we long for the expression of these qualities in our own lives and we cherish them wherever we find them. Today, this month, this year, I'm calling on you to be the heroes. To set the example in energy efficiency, in elegant, innovative solutions to meeting the energy needs of today and the future. To model a sustainable world." I will miss Lynn. Respectfully, Bill
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