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I agree with Harvey too. Moreover, you can ask if LEED (and others systems)
necessarily incentive a climatic, energy-conscious architectural design to
achieve better performance buildings. I am afraid the answer is not. I
recommend the reading of a paper by Edna Shaviv in the last PLEA in Dublin,
"Passive and Low Energy Architecture (PLEA) vs. Green Architecture (LEED)".

In her conclusion she states:

"The fact that all energy saving features are put in one basket, and the
energy standard are defined in such a way that the goals can be achieved
with no need for good architectural design, leads to the present situation.
First, we should straggle first, that Passive Solar Design will be treated
as any other renewable energy, which means, that it will be awarded twice.
Second, the Building Code should treat the energy conscious building design
separately from the mechanical and the hot water systems..."

Arch. Guedi Capeluto, D.Sc.

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I agree with Mr. Sheffer.

I know this is an energy simulation list & I am new to it but please do
not lose sight of the fact that LEED is NOT only about energy savings.
It is also about indoor air quality, recyclable/reusable material, site
selection, building orientation, and some more stuff I'm sure I forgot.
I have experienced projects that hit their budgets (non-LEED budgets).
Unfortunately there is no really accurate way to assess actual
additional LEED cost if it exists (We believe 2-4%). If designed
correctly the building is integrated and most parts are inter-dependent.
Therefore you cannot easily VE a LEED project by changing or removing
pieces and parts. I am LEED accredited so I have a bias towards LEED
but we are undoubtedly better designers as a result of pursuing LEED

I do not subscribe to the global warming conciseness and do not believe
we can save nor destroy the planet, I do believe however, we should make
fiscally and environmentally responsible decisions. I don't want to
seem preachy but as design professionals we must always strive for
balance. We must select among the many systems available, make
responsible decisions for each project, and remember that no building
can be perfect.

Articles are written by people. People have opinions. You know what
they say about opinions.


Wes Bonafe, P.E.

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