ADV: ASHRAE Presidential Member Bellenger Remembered

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I am so sorry to lose Lynn as a mentor, inspiration and friend, and she was all those things. Always approachable, she never made you feel like you were wasting her time. I remember a few phone calls to her when she was probably hugely busy but took the time to answer my questions. The last question I asked her that day was "Gosh Lynn, you have so many letters after your name - PE, BEMP. etc., how does that make you feel?". I was thinking she'd say proud but she laughed a bit and said, "kinda foolish, actually." For me, having worked in this industry longer than I'm going to admit, it was really, really exciting to finally have a woman president of ASHRAE. I remember going to meetings when I first joined that maybe had a dozen women at them. It was especially nice that she was so competent and forward thinking, too. I will miss her! I am going to send this to a couple of other mailings lists and if others want to share their memories of Lynn with us, as well as the family, I would love to read them. If not that's okay, too. Sincerely, Carol Gardner PE
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