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Hello all,

I am new to eQUEST and am having trouble importing an auto cad file. The doors and ramps will show up once imported however the building envelope does not. I was wondering what is wrong it is a dwg file.

Thank you

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Anthony - quick fix - in CAD, draw your own outline of the zones over top of the existing background, a Poly-line on a new layer.
Then in eQUEST turn off all layers except the layer you created.
This will also prevent phantom snapping to extraneous points that show up in the CAD file. This can prevent slight holes in your energy model that can come if the snap happens a little off where you intended.
That's how we input most of our models, from the tiny to the +1m s.f.
Aaron Dahlstrom , PE, LEED(r) AP

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Hi Anthony,

I found if you draw a poly line in AutoCAD around the perimeter and zones you want to identify and import just the polylines it works great. Also one of the buttons on the draw screen you should select snap setting that make it easier to snap points to your drawing and not the grid.


David C. Fishel, PE, LEED AP

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