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Starting a new project in detailed data edit. The 2-D Geometry screen is
nice and empty with a toolbar with shape mode, 2-D floor plan mode, zoom,
pan, and open CAD drawing file. Every time I try to open a CAD drawing file
nothing shows up on the screen. I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong.
Does it need to be a dxf or dwg file? I am trying dwg and no good. Grayed
out are create new floor, create new space, and create new shape. Are these
buttons functional?

I currently import CAD files through the wizards. This is wonderful, but the
changeover to DD also brings heaps of unwanted clutter, not just the traced
floors and spaces. Do CAD files need to be saved to a certain file type in
order to import them to DD 2-D Geometry?

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