Window Fenestration Values

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I currently am modeling an office building with solarban windows that have
an overal U=0.29 and SHGC of 0.19. However when I run the T-24 for the
building, it lists every window (approx. 8 pages long) with the following
under the "Exception Conditions Compliance Checklist" and states:

*Fenestration SHGC < 0.40: Space = 'EL1 NNW Perim Spc (G.NNW2)',
Fenestration = 'EL1 NNW Win (G.NNW2.E3.W1)', SHGC = 0.19*

Does anything have to be changed in the eQuest program or will this be
alright the way it is for T-24 compliance? Any help would be appreciated.

Steven Rutter

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