Special Features Compliance Checklist

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I'm a bit confused by what the Title 24 compliance engine is listing in
PERF-1 under "Special Features Compliance Checklist" and when I couldn't
find anything in the archives on the topic I decided to throw it out there
and see if anyone has any suggestions.
The building is a single-story retail box with three RTUs, each modeled as
a separate system in eQuest. For each RTU, the PERF-1 form has a notation
in the Special Features Compliance Checklist noting:
System 'RTU-#': No Air Economizer
The confusing part is that the RTUs are specified to have dual-enthalpy
economizer in the design. I couldn't find a compliance keyword while
searching the help file (though I could have missed one?) and get a similar
notation regardless of what type of economizer is specified. I could be
overlooking something obvious but the design engineer was concerned and I
wanted to try to resolve it beyond them having to say "software error".
Any thoughts?
Jeremy R. Poling

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