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I am modeling a 2-story office building which is going for LEED Gold.
When building the model, do you input the baseline information into the
wizard mode and use the detailed section, "Energy Efficiency Measure" to
change all of the inputs for how the building is going to be built? Or do
you input your proposed "improved" model in the wizard mode the way it is
going to be built (ex: using windows U=0.29 instead of Title-24 minimum
requirements)? If so, does the compliance report automatically compare the
minimum T-24 building energy usage vs. the "improved" building's energy
usage? Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hi guys!

Can we model a project being served by a District Cooling Plant in E-quest?

More thanks in advance.


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Short answer YES!

In brief you will connect your building to a chilled water loop and put
an energy meter on the loop to calculate the amount of energy used. You
can then add an energy rate to the chilled water meter to calculate your
annual cost.

However, if this is a LEED building registered in LEED NC v2.2 (and some
other versions) after May 28th 2008 you MUST use the LEED document
"Required Treatment of District Thermal Energy..." which will
significantly change how your project will be modeled.

Seth Spangler, LEED(r) AP

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Make sure the Billing unit thermal value is correct. It defaults to 1,000,000 Btus as the unit of measurement. If the utility rate is in Ton-days, say 3.50 per ton-day then you need to change that number to 288,000.

1 ton = 12,000 btuh
1 ton-day = 12,000 btuh * 24 hours = 288,000 btus

Timothy Howe, MS, LEED? AP

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