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I need to model an ice rink in an interior space. I see that when I am in the building footprint screen of the wizard (Screen 2) I can go into the zone characteristics and there is a refrigerated zone allocation but I am unable to apply it anywhere. Is there something special I need to do? If no one is sure then may I ask how everyone usually models this situation?

John Grando

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DOE-2.2 does have a number of rink keywords. However, they are not
included in the Wizard interface and in fact are not in the eQUEST
detailed interface either. So, to model an arena, you need to first build
your building model including a brine chiller for cooling the ice surface.
Then add the arena keywords to the .inp file using a text editor
(carefully) outside of eQUEST. You can then run the file within eQUEST.
While you cannot see the rink specific keywords, they will be part of the

Your best bet would be to contact the DOE2 development team for a sample
arena to work from.

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The modeling of ice rinks is pretty difficult, but there is some
documentation that can be found in the DOE2 user manual. As Bryan said,
eQuest does not support this, so it must be done manually in the input
file. I can provide you with some assistance and some brine chiller curves
if you wish. Let me know.

Steve Mignogna

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