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I'm doing an energy model that involved some round / curved walls. I use
Trace 700. I'm figuring that I break the curved wall into components and
model smaller walls facing each respective direction to complete the
curve. For example, split the curve into four wall sections, each facing
varying degrees from north.

Does this sound like the correct approach? Or is there another way? Any
help is appreciated!


Andy Brophy,


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Andrew M. Brophy
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That is what I have done for curved walls if the direction change is significant. If the curve is small change in direction (45 deg direction change or less), then I would model it as one straight wall. Trace does not have an explicit way to model curved walls. Scott
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You could also model the wall as a series of segmented walls if the curve is such that the exposure changes by more than 45 degrees or so.

Jimmy Stevens, Associate AIA, LEED AP BD+C | Principal

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