Electrochromic Windows

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Any thoughts on how to model electrochromic windows in Trace?

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Although I'm not very familiar with electrochromic windows, I don't think Trace has a built in way to handle this.  (To save others from looking this up - these windows allow the user to change the amount of light/heat gain that is transmitted through the windows.  It has a number of layers in the window, and applying a voltage can across it change the thermal and light transmission properties of some of these layers).

Since Trace really only has one set of properties for each window, I think the only way to do this would be to use a shading device and make some assumptions about their usage and effect.  Are you using 90.1 Appendix G?  I just remembered seeing a line in there that excludes manual shading devices like blinds or shades, but does allow the modeling of automatically controlled shading devices and permanent fixed devices.  So if you are using 90.1 the windows may have to have automatic controls.

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