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I am a very new Trane Tace 700. I have a general question in regarding to setup Partition Wall
If I have a?retail store?with inside wall?next to unheated area.
For example
1.?inside wall next to unheated?above?garage with ventilation
2.?inside wall near to loading dock
3. inside wall near to Trash Chute room
Should I use partition Wall or Should I treat it as exterior wall
Partition Wall
Adjacent space temp.
Sine fit
Hourly OADB
Interior Mass
Adjacent Room
What is the best fit in my different conditions?
Many Thanks,

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Do not use a Wall unless it has a solar load.

A partition should be used for an interior (or exterior) wall that has a significant delta T across it without a solar load.

For a recent project which had an underground parking garage adjacent to some interior conditioned spaces, I used a partition with Hourly OADB (Outside Air Dry Bulb) for the garage space. This will perform a conduction heat load analysis through the wall based on the exterior temperature for that hour.

For your spaces, if none have solar loads use partitions as follows:

1. If the garage is entered as a space in TRACE to model the ventilation, use Adjacent Room and select the garage. If it is not being modeled in TRACE, and has not heating, you may want to consider Hourly OADB. Now this may give a slightly higher cooling load depending on the climate, but it would likely be better than setting a Constant temp and miss out on the heat loss in the winter - again, this is dependent on the climate zone.

2. The loading dock is likely exposed space and if there is no Solar Load, use Hourly OADB.

3. Trash Chute Room is likely unconditioned and likely exposed (louvered maybe) to outside air. Again, Hourly OADB could be used to show the change in outside air temp.

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