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Hello, I'm having trouble understanding why my temperatures in winter are so high.What happens, is that they start at 20?C and go up to 55 ?C ( It?s crazy). My system consists in heating during winter months (no cooling available), and cooling in summer period. Can someone help me, how can i control my temperature to 20?C in Winter period. Could this happen because of the internal loads... Best regards, -- Atenciosamente: Eng?: Leandro Lopes *Tel: **965771706* N?o imprima este e-mail. A natureza agradece ;-) Please don?t print this e-mail unless you really need to!
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Leandro, Not sure the problem, but since you alluded to high internal load I would check the following: 1. Do you have correct units for internal load (e.g. W/sq meter versus W)? 2. Are you using a thermostat schedule that may have a mistake in it? 3. Have you set the airflow to the space rather than allowing TRACE to calculate it? 4. Have you scheduled the cooling coil off during winter? Regards, Scott
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Leandro, The problem could be the system type. If you are using a single zone (SZ) type system, Trace will use the heating supply air dry bulb from the worst case room. You can identify the room by temporarily changing the system to terminal reheat (TRH)and find the room with the high supply air temperature. Sometimes it could be janitor closet or other space with low cooling air flow but higher heating loads. Increase air flow or review the results to adjust your heating supply air temperature. Bob
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