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The Energy Center of Wisconsin is seeking energy engineers with a desire to apply both reason and creativity towards the creation of a sustainable energy society. Both entry level and senior positions are available. We are a private non-profit organization that is mission-driven, independent, and objective. Primary responsibilities of the positions include analysis of energy efficiency and renewable energy alternatives for buildings, campuses, and communities; project management; and quantification of environmental and economic impacts of energy strategies. Further information can be found at:

Scott Hackel, PE, LEED AP

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Hi all:

I am trying to simulate hot water radiators in an older building (No Cooling). My 1st choice was 4-pipe fan coil with no cooling. Then someone told me to run DX cooling with a hot water coil (again, cooling zeroed out).

The DX approach causes a heating increase of approximately double the energy. No pumping energy increase. Fans have airflow but zero HP.

What could be causing this?


John R. Aulbach, PE, CEM

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I can't answer your question about heating doubling, unless it's introducing ventilation air.

I may be oversimplifying, but have you tried describing as no cooling equipment, baseboards for heating equipment on a hot water loop, system type: HW Baseboards (only) with NO zone ventilation, and assign a boiler system?


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John, What's up buddy... Haven't crossed your path in awhile.

Why don't you choose the system type- "heating and ventilation", You should be able to simulate hydronic heating with ventilation , but no issues/inputs for the cooling side.

Send me your file if you want me to look at your current system approach.


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