Job Opening: Senior Energy Engineer

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Please consider the following job posting, and pass on to any interested colleagues.

Senior Energy Engineer

The Energy Center of Wisconsin is seeking a senior energy engineer with a desire to apply both reason and creativity towards the creation of a sustainable energy society. We are a private non-profit organization that is mission-driven, independent, and objective. We seek practical solution paths among a world of competing interests.

The Senior Energy Engineer will develop and manage internal and external research, consulting and outreach projects. The Senior Energy Engineer will work with clients, contractors, and the Energy Center of Wisconsin staff, and will be responsible for all aspects of projects, from inception and contract development to budgeting and delivery of the final product. The individual will also be responsible for business development, working directly with senior management to guide development goals and strategy. This individual is expected to work both within and outside the organization to obtain the necessary support and resources to deliver high quality products.

The individual will be work on projects analyzing energy efficiency and renewable energy strategies in buildings, campus, or community settings, including quantifying energy system performance, life cycle cost economics and optimization, and emissions reduction potential. Knowledge of relevant building energy codes, green building rating systems, and ASHRAE stan dards is required. Experience with energy modeling software such as eQUEST, TRYNSYS, TRACE, or other similar software is required, including the ability to model novel or complex energy systems.

The candidate should possess the ability to work in a team environment, including communications skills such as report writing, client contact and public presentations. The ability to summarize and communicate technical concepts to a non-technical audience is required.

Minimum requirements are a bachelor's degree in engineering, preferably mechanical, and a fundamental knowledge of building energy systems, energy analysis, and thermal science. Ideal candidates will possess a master's degree in mechanical engineering with a thermal science focus, professional engineering registration, LEED Accreditation, Energy Manager Certification, and possess 7+ years design firm or facilities experience with energy systems in commercial or institutional facilities.

Resumes should be sent or emailed to:
Human Resources Director
Energy Center of Wisconsin
455 Science Drive, Suite 200
Madison, WI 53711
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