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May 2020 Newsletter
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*Ask a Modeler: When is the Earliest in the Design Process That Useful
Performance Simulation is Possible?*

This month Eric Flower, Software Account Executive at Willdan, replies: *"Dear
Early Bird, Where did the time go? Design evolves at such a fast pace that
decisions must often be made based on partial knowledge. Because the design
process is dynamic, every stage of the process presents its own unique
opportunities for 'early moments.'?*

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IBPSA-USA Education On Demand
New Videos Added

Novel Coronavirus as it Relates to Transmission, Prevention, HVAC Design, &
Building Performance

Keeping Up with the Trend: Energy Modeling for Every Project

Below are just a few of the jobs available now. Browse current open
listings on our job board, and sign-up to post your own:

Energy Analyst at Architectural Nexus in Salt Lake City, UT

(Senior) Building Performance Analyst at Zero Envy

Upcoming Events

*May 19: Reviving the Local Boston Chapter in the Era of Video Conferencing*

Join the Boston Chapter in reviving monthly meetings with their first
webinar of 2020--featuring presentations from Christoph Reinhart Professor
at MIT, & Christopher Schaffner Principal at the Green Engineer.

Learn More.

*May 20: Energy Storage Systems, DER, and Decarbonization*

In this Education Committee webinar, Eric Mannarino from the Electric Power
Research Institute (EPRI) will discuss the role of energy storage in the
decarbonization of our electrical system. He will also touch on the
Storage-VET and DER-VET software that EPRI has produced to model energy
storage systems (both BTM and FTM).

Learn More.

*May 20: Green Teams - The Missing Link in Climate Action, Denver Chapter

In this presentation and discussion, let's talk about how developing a
Green Team can help build a culture that can make real change work and
persist, long after your work as an energy modeler is done. Presented by
Joan Gregerson, founder of Green Team Academy.

Learn More.

*May 28: Open-Source Software Package for Energy Efficient Data Center
Design and Operation*

This Research Committee seminar will introduce an open-source, free
software package that provides practical, end-to-end (from the IT
equipment, to heat rejection, to the ambient) modeling and optimization for
data center cooling. Presented by Dr. Wangda Zuo.

Learn More.

*May 28: Modeling Resiliency Strategies with Renewable Energy Systems*

Join the Chicago Chapter as Dr. Tommy Zakrzewski from HKS Architects gives
a 30-minute live demo of how to use NREL's REopt(TM) software, and then
provides a short sample problem for attendees to simulate in real time.

Learn More.

*July 9-10: San Francisco Bay Area Chapter Building Simulation Conference*

The SFBA Chapter of IBPSA-USA will host its first ever Building Simulation
Conference at the Pacific Energy Center in San Francisco, CA. The focus of
the conference will be the latest trends in the building simulation
industry affecting the state of California, including decarbonization,
resiliency, and electrification.

Learn More.

*Aug. 12-14: Building Performance Analysis Conference & SimBuild*

ASHRAE and IBPSA-USA will jointly host the annual Building Performance
Analysis Conference & SimBuild for 2020 in Chicago. The focus of the
conference will be to improve the decision making process through the
application of simulation and modeling over the entire building life cycle.

Learn More.

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