IBPSA Newsletter Vol 30 No1

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IBPSA World Newsletter
Vol. 30 Number 1
The IBPSA News Volume 30 No 1 is now available at www.ibpsa.org. Features include:

Interview with Jan Hensen
Christina Hopfe has been talking to Jan Hensen, the recipient of the IBPSA Distinguished Achievement Award
in 2019, about his professional life and career in building performance simulation....more on page 8

IBPSA US: Best of 'Ask a Modeler'
A monthly advice column for the
building simulation community. Each month, committee chair Nathaniel Jones and members of the Emerging
Simulation Technology subcommittee pose a question submitted by an IBPSA member to recognized experts to
get their unique perspectives.... See page 5

IBPSA Project 1
Update on city quarter and building information modelling on page 31


* Software news about BESOS: a building and energy simulation optimization and surrogate modelling platform, CityLearn, updates on CityBES and many others
* 14 conferences and other events for your diary

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