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IBPSA World Newsletter

Vol. 30 Number 2

The IBPSA News Volume 30 No 2 is now available for download at www.ibpsa.org and online at https://issuu.com/hopfe/docs/ibpsa_news_30-2-1 . Features include:

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Interview with Bert Blocken

Christina Hopfe has been talking to Bert Blocken on using CFD to investigate breath droplets and COVID risk in sport....more on page 8

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First anniversary of IBPSA US: Best of 'Ask a Modeler'
A monthly advice column for the
building simulation community. Each month, committee chair Nathaniel Jones and members of the Emerging
Simulation Technology subcommittee pose a question submitted by an IBPSA member to recognized experts to
get their unique perspectives.... See page 5

IBPSA Young blood
Three younger members of IBPSA elaborate on the music of building performance simulation ?more on page 16

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IBPSA Project 1

Update on task 23 ? DETEST and application on page 25

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From IBPSA affiliates in England, Germany & Austria, Switzerland, India and Scotland

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? Software news about two OpenStudio extension Ruby Gems, IES feature release, and site specific weather files
? 9 conferences and other events for your diary

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