IBPSA Newsletter Vol 26 No 2

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Dear Building Simulators!
The IBPSA News Volume 26 No 2 is now available at www.ibpsa.org
Features include:

? Interviews with Annie Marston of Baumann Consulting on IBPSA-USA?s drive for equality and diversity in construction; and with Ruchi Choudhary and Yeonsook Heo about Cambridge University?s work on Bayesian methods, human behaviour, and Energy Efficient Cities.

? Software news about Climate.OneBuilding.Org; and a paper from LBL about a new data and computing platform for city and district scale building energy efficiency, amongst others.

? Global community news from IBPSA affiliates in South America, Australasia, England, Norway and Switzerland.

? IBPSA related events, e.g. 8 conferences and other events for your diary and a new series of free webinars based on IBPSA?s first book, Building Performance Simulation for Design and Operation.
A big thank you to all those who have contributed to the News!
Happy reading!

Christina Hopfe


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