how to consolidate mutiple EEMs to a single EEM run

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I?m trying to incorporate several EEMS for a proposed design to compare against the energy code minimum base building. Is it possible to incorporate more ins in wall and roof, add lighting control system, and etc to one single EEM?

Christopher McArdle, PE, LEED AP, CEM

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If you switch to DD (Detailed Data) Edit mode, you can create Parametric
Runs, with multiple Parametric Components in each run. You could create
a single parametric run with wall, roof and lighting components. If you
want to stay in Wizard mode and work with the EEM Wizard, you could use
the "Apply Measure To" field to base each additional EEM on the previous
EEM, so that the last EEM you create includes the effects of all your
EEMs. If you are doing anything other than schematic design, I would
work within the DD Edit mode and with Parametric Runs for the added
detail and flexibility. Remember that any changes you make in DD Edit
mode will be erased if you then go back to Wizard mode.


William Bishop, PE, BEMP, LEED(r) AP

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