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Can equest files be transferred to another computer?

I created an equest model on a laptop computer. I transferred the file to my desktop computer but I keep getting an error message about an sharing violation.

Is it possible to transfer equest files between computers?

Christopher McArdle, PE, LEED AP, CEM

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As long as your copying your .pd2 file and your .inp file you shouldn?t have any trouble.

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I do it all the time. As long as you have eQUEST loaded up on each computer
you should have no problem. You can either download your .inp and .pd2 files
on a USB drive or zip them together and email them to yourself.


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Agree with Carol and Charles - just the PD2 and INP are necessary for most transfers.

If you have parametric runs, you might also have a PRD file which would be important to transfer.
And I sometimes transfer the PDL file just so I have a history of where / when the file was last used.

You might check the install version on each computer. Back when we used 3.63, there were multiple "builds" and I believe we had problems when we tried to open a file from a later build in an earlier version.
Finally, you might check if any of the files in the final destination are now marked read-only - this has caused me trouble before.

Aaron Dahlstrom , PE, LEED(r) AP

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Im not sure but that error does look familiar. I would check to make sure your desktop has an up to date version of eQuest. Or atleast as up to date as the version on your labtop.

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I think it is very important to have the equest projects and data folder in
same path.
check the path of these folders on your laptop and your desktop.

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Hey everyone!

I personally have a practice of keeping a "backup" of my finished models on a relatively small flash drive for personal reference. In learning to do this, I picked up some general tips to avoid "what files do I need" line of thinking:

1. Simply copying (ctrl+c) and pasting (ctrl+v) the entire project directory (folder) of files is always an option - I often save/copy/paste my project's directory to my desktop when I want to explore/experiment something without risking harm to my "actual" project.

2. Saving entire directories for backup/reference purposes wastes space. When you only want to keep (or share, as in an email) the bare minimum, including any parametric runs you may have set up, simply open the file, File ? Save As to a new directory. Even for big projects, this usually results in a few (2 or 3) files with a tiny "memory footprint" of <1Mb.

3. If you're changing computers, reinstalling/updating eQuest and/or your operating system - it's prudent to also navigate to and keep a copy of any weather files downloaded and accumulated in the eQuest data directory. That will potentially save time finding/recreating a weather file later if you should come back to your work and want to re-run a simulation down the road.

4. If you get motivated to keep backups for future reference or open others' files, remember that you can & should check which version of eQuest was used to create the project before opening it with the wrong version: rightclick the .pd2 file and open with notepad or another text editor - the version used is among the first lines.

Also, I've never used the default eQuest project data directories to save or work from, so the location of the files is not critical. In moving your projects/files around you might get the occasional "where did that AutoCAD reference go" warnings on opening the project -
it's totally safe to skip or remove that reference once you're past defining footprints/zones in the wizards.

Christopher's error regarding sharing violations/permissions almost certainly has nothing to do directly with eQuest... I've only ever run into this sort of error when helping my colleagues/friends who didn't listen to me when I said to avoid migrating from Windows XP (my money is you're using some iteration of Windows Vista or later on your desktop and/or laptop)... I'd suggest sharing/transferring files using a flash drive per above or saving the project to a network drive.



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