enter window and skylight u-value and shading coeffienct in DD wizard mode?

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Is it possible to enter more detail information for windows and skylights in the DD wizard mode? I only see options where I can only select from different type of windows and skylights and I can?t adjust the u value nor the shading coefficient.

Christopher McArdle, PE, LEED AP, CEM

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Hi Chris,

On screen 6 where you select your windows open the drop-down list. The first option is to specify properties where you can edit U-factors and SHGCs. If you select ?NFRC U-factor? your frame width will be 0 and you enter the whole windows properties (including frame). If you select ?U-value? you enter only the glass performance and frame values are calculated separately. You can also import window 4/5 data (the option below ?specify properties? in the drop down list). Hope this helps.

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Alex Krickx, LEED AP

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