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To All,

I've got a high number of hours outside throttling range for a 27-story building in India (40% of hours). It is a VAV with electric reheat. Upon inputting 40,000 cfm per floor (25,000 sf), I get down to about 3% of hours outside throttling range. However, Trace only calls for about 20,000 cfm per floor. I double checked all my load inputs across both programs and it seems like occupancy, lights and equipment loads match up.

I noticed that most of my unmet cooling load hours occur in my internal zones. So I input a system total supply volume of 25,000 cfm per floor and also allocated 16,000 cfm to the internal zones. This decreased the number of hours outside throttling range to about 4%.

My question is, am I allowed to "allocate" cfm to the internal zones like that?

Thanks very much in advance!

Linda Lam, LEED?? AP

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I don't know how it works in eQuest, but in DOE-2.1E, you can input any
ASSIGNED-CFM to any conditioned zone.

Joe Huang

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