Geothermal Water-to-Water Heat Pumps, and VAV Terminals

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I have a unique system I'm trying to setup in Equest and was wondering if it
is possible, and if so, what the trick is.

I would like to couple a VAV system to water-to-water geothermal heat pumps.
So essentially I will have a VAV system on the terminal side and the heating
and cooling plants will be geothermal water-to-water heat pumps. One will
feed the chilled water coil in the air handler, and another the reheat coils
at the VAV boxes.

I can set up a heat pump chiller that feeds the air handler with a
geothermal condensing loop. But I'm having problems attaching a heat pump
to the hot water loop, and the hot water loop to the geothermal condensing

Thanks for any insight you might have. Hope everyone has a nice holiday!

Jon Evans, PE

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Let me know if this helps.

-You need to create a chiller of type "Loop-to-Loop Heat Pump".

-You will need to specify the CHW Loop, CW Loop, and HW Loop.

-However, the CW Loop is actually a "Lake/Well" type loop.

-The Lake/Well Loop needs to have a Lake/Well GLHX attached to it.

-I would also reccomend installing a top up boiler to the hw loop.

This way you have a geothermal chiller that is connected to a ground well.
This chiller is producing both hot and cold water that can be connected to
any type of air-side system you wish.

Hope that was what you were looking for,

Steve Mignogna

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