Loop-to-Loop heat pump geothermal system

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I would like to have your thoughts on designing loop-to-loop heat pump geothermal system in eQUEST.

This system comprises of two identical geo-thermal pumps ( GX-1, GX-2) connected to multi-stack 5 water-to-water heat pumps with each module of 30 tons capacity. This multi-stack system is attached to both chilled water loop and hot-water loop (4-pipe system). Chilled water loop has two identical pumps (CH-1 and CH-2) and similarly hot water loop has two similar kind pumps (HW-1 and HW-2).

So, to design this system, I defined GSHP water loop (lake/well type) and ground loop heat exchanger (lake/well type) and GX-1 and GX-2. Similarly, I created chilled water loop, CH pumps and; hot water loop, HW pumps.

Now, since my geothermal system is closed loop (in the form of vertical well), I created a chiller of loop-to-loop heat pump type (which works actively with geothermal loop) and then I connected it with chilled water loop and hot water loop, and took my condensor loop as GSHP water loop. Now the window in EQUEST requires chilled water pump and hot water pump. So, I had to create one default CH pump and default HW pump, which are actually not there in the control drawings of the building.

Is it necessary to have 2 more heat pumps in the system?

Thanks a lot!!!

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