Free Webinar: Advanced Cost-Benefit Simulation to Optimize Building Performance

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This free webinar will illustrate in simple terms how you can use optimization to design better-performing and lower-cost buildings in less time. Design optimization can help you better understand what is driving good and/or bad performance in your design, and point you towards those design characteristics that provide the biggest performance bang for your buck. Examples applications include:

* Select the most cost-effective lighting, glazing, construction, renewable and HVAC systems, even at early design stages.
* Identify optimal control strategies giving the best combination of environmental and comfort performance...even for complex HVAC, natural ventilation, mixed mode system types.

Optimization can help you design high-performance buildings in a fraction of the time that traditional parametric or manual iterative simulation methods would take. And it helps you deal with the age-old problem of finding the optimal solution for competing design variables, such as changing glazing and shading characteristics that improve daylight and wellbeing but increase cooling loads. With a clear understanding of the trade-off between the various design options and their impact on building performance, the design team can navigate the often-complex relationship between design objectives, constraints, and possible design options. Then you can make informed recommendations with confidence.

If you would like to understand how design optimization can be applied to real-world projects to both improve your design and reduce your design risk, then this free webinar is for you. Likewise, if you are fed up with the amount of time it takes to model buildings using "traditional" iterative and parametric modelling techniques, or are uncomfortable with having to simplify the design and settle for "about right" due to time constraints, then this webinar will show you a better way.

After introducing optimization fundamentals, we will show you how DesignBuilder Optimisation has been used for advanced cost-benefit analysis of building envelopes and how it was used to reduce cost and improve building performance in example projects. You can register to watch this free webinar live on 23rd February, or to access the recording here:

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