Free webinar: How to optimise the cost-performance trade-off via modelling

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Have you ever wondered if there is an effective way to resolve the tension that exists between specifying highly energy-efficient systems and the high construction cost of those systems? Or how you can find the optimal balance between thermal comfort and energy efficiency? And how on earth you find the time to assess all the viable options available to you!
In our next webinar on 17th June Brendan Hall of CHA Consulting will explain how he used advanced cost-benefit analysis tools to solve such problems. He will show you how he optimised the trade-off between the construction cost and operational energy consumption savings of a Ground Source Heat Pump system in a recent project. The concepts he'll introduce help to solve the challenge faced by many in the AEC industry when designing and modelling buildings i.e. how to find the best trade-off between design objectives that are at odds with each other...I want to improve X, but when I do that it makes Y worse!
DesignBuilder Optimisation is the perfect tool to help solve this all-too-common conundrum of opposing project objectives.
If you want to learn how you could use these techniques in your work to: automate the simulation of all the viable combinations of key design parameters (such as which HVAC system type works best with which glazing, shading, fabric insulation, thermal mass etc.); identify which combinations of design variables are the best match to your key project objectives; and have full confidence that you are recommending energy confirmation measures that are optimised to your client's cost-performance requirements...
Then you can register to watch this free webinar, or to access the recording here:

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