Free Webinar: Accurate Ground Modeling

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Ground heat transfer makes up a significant proportion of fabric heat transfer in low-rise buildings, so it is important to model it correctly. DesignBuilder?s state-of-the-art capabilities allow you to model ground junctions, foundations, and even complex ground terrain accurately and efficiently.

In our webinar on 6th December (10:00 ? 11:00 EST) we will demonstrate how DesignBuilder?s high-productivity user interface makes the best-in-class ground modeling calculations readily accessible in any energy modeling project. During the webinar, we will show you the two main approaches to modeling ground heat transfer in DesignBuilder:

* Standard ground modeling, and
* 2D/3D ground modeling using Kiva

The Standard EnergyPlus ground modeling method requires monthly adjacent ground temperatures to be entered. Kiva enables much more accurate building-ground heat transfer analysis for little to no extra modeling effort or simulation time. During the webinar, we will also look at rapid ground geometry creation using component blocks, and show you how DesignBuilder automatically assigns adjacent ground conditions to your model surfaces.

Join us live on the 6th December, where our experts will also be available to answer your questions on ground modeling in DesignBuilder. You can register to either attend the live webinar or to receive a recording here:

In the meantime, you can find out more about ground modeling in DesignBuilder from our Program Help.

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