Free Webinar: Design and Modelling of Ground Source Heat Pump Systems

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Our next webinar on 23rd April will illustrate best practice modelling of ground source heat pumps. Brendan Hall of CHA Consulting and Mattie DeDoes of Karpinski Engineering will use two past projects to show you how ground heat exchangers can be effectively modelled to improve HVAC system efficiency. The webinar will include:

* An introduction explaining ground heat exchanger fundamentals and associated DesignBuilder/EnergyPlus model inputs.
* How ground heat exchanger design software was used in these projects to carry out a more detailed and accurate sizing calculation accounting for specific borehole layouts and ground properties.
* How the calculated G-function data was then imported into the DesignBuilder Ground Heat Exchanger to improve model accuracy.
* Top tips on pairing a ground heat exchanger with a water-cooled VRF system, and a performance comparison with an air-cooled VRF system.

You can register to watch the webinar live on 23rd April or to access the recording here:

Other Free Content Available from DesignBuilder

Staying with the theme of webinars, many people working remotely have contacted us about resources they can access free whilst in self-isolation etc. due to Coronavirus. You'll find some excellent content on this past webinar page with a range of interesting topics:

The topics include: highly productive ways to generate EnergyPlus models and use that same model for daylighting and CFD; industry-first ways to quantify the uncertainty in your model, and how sensitive the results are to your model inputs; a range of optimization-related topics; life cycle assessment; building certification including ASHRAE 90.1 for LEED; advanced modelling with EMS and more.

We also have a number of relatively short case studies on a range of topics here and around 50 free "get you started" video tutorials here You can use these tutorials in conjunction with our extensive online Program Help to brush up on areas of interest.

All the very best of health to you, your families and colleagues during these challenging times.

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